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About Us

“Leather is beauty. Leather is love. Leather is passion.”

Mino Voloder, Designer and Owner of JLP Melbourne.

JLP Melbourne has been an essential part of Melbourne’s designer scene since 1993. We love the process of crafting something for the future and our designer leather range is made to last a lifetime. When you buy a JLP leather bag, travel bag, backpack, briefcase or wallet, you are buying so much more than function. You are buying a sensory experience. The supple strength, beautiful texture and the rich aroma of genuine leather. The character and charm of the natural leather ageing process. The experience of generations. Each stitch, pocket and buckle is made with our customers in mind. We love to hear about customers finding the perfect leather bag or wallet, the one they’ve been searching for, at JLP Melbourne. It’s what we live for!

What makes JLP leather bags and wallets unique?

Quality and style, year after year

Our range of genuine leather bags, travel bags, leather wallets and briefcases are handcrafted to be durable and rugged without compromising their stylish, designer looks. Take them on adventures around Australia and around the world. Let them be packed, carried and even thrown around. They will not only last the distance; the natural character and charm of the leather will age like fine wine.

Comfort that becomes part of you

Customers often tell us they had been searching for “the perfect bag” for years, until they discovered JLP Melbourne. Something missing is found. They are complete. This isn’t simply about having the right pockets, or double stitching and strong lining. Our leather bags, wallets and briefcases are designed with care, to be loved over time. To age with you, becoming a comfortable part of every day.

Unbeatable customer service, for life

Our goal, for every person considering a leather bag or wallet from our designer range, is to find exactly the right fit. The right size bag to travel with. The right number of pockets. The right texture and colour. We want you to smile every time you pick up your JLP Melbourne purchase.

We design our range to last so we also make sure our customer service lasts. That includes free shipping around within Australia and no-questions-asked returns and exchanges.

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